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8 hours ago


You! Yes you! What are you waiting for?
We welcome and embrace everyone! Every gender, shape, size, fitness level, and dance ability. You do not have to miss out because you fear you lack rhythm. You can do this ✊
Get involved!

6.40pm Carterton Community Centre, Shilton Park.

See you there! 💘


Beatz Fitness Carterton with Rosie

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22 hours ago


Meet some of our amazing Silver Stars!

We <3 seeing you in classes every week getting regular exercise - oh, and chatting & drinking coffee too! Come & join us xxx

#TeamJTAFit #SilverStars #JoinTheFun #ShareTheLove
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2 days ago


JTAFit Yoga & Pilates

Did you know that JTAFit offers 4 Pilates & 4 Yoga classes of all different styles, every week?

Our classes suitable for beginners all the way up to Pilates-Yoga Ninjas! We can help you with your posture, balance, strength & flexibility.

What’s the Difference Between Pilates & Yoga?

Pilates was a system developed in the 20th Century by Joseph Pilates as a way to help injured dancers. It focuses on posture in movement and strengthening core muscles, and it particularly well-known for helping people with ‘bad’ backs. The mat Pilates that JTAFit offers traditionally has 34 exercises, but is almost infinitely adaptable. The exercises can be strung together into combos, or done in isolation to focus on a particular area.

Yoga developed over thousands of years as a way of life that focuses on the union between body & mind to achieve a state of meditative consciousness called Samadhi. It originated in India many thousands of years ago. In the West, we tend to practice the asana/physical part of that lifestyle. Asanas are traditionally sitting poses that are held for a period of time, although in modern day Yoga there are hundreds of poses and dozens of Yoga styles which can be delivered fast or slow, sweaty or calm. Very good for stress relief!

JTAFit has 3 excellent Pilates instructors who are all passionate about Pilates – Jayne, Amanda & Jodie. While they all have very different teaching styles, they are all qualified to teach people with orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis, frozen shoulder or recovery from hip/knee injuries, so do let us know when you book. Currently our classes are:

Tue 10.30am Pilates Stretch (gentler with more flexibility, suitable for beginner’s)
Wed 9.30am Pilates Strong (physical – suitable for fit beginners)
Wed 7pm Pilates (more technical – not suitable for beginners)
Thu 7.35pm Pilates Fit (applies Pilates techniques, to offset musculoskeletal imbalances – suitable for beginners)

Our Yoga classes are delivered by Jayne who has been practicing Yoga for 25 years and teaching Yoga for nearly 3 years. Originally qualified in Hatha Yoga, she has added Vinyasa, Yin and Yoga Nidra to her skills too, so we offer a variety of class styles.

Mon 7.35pm Yoga Fit (physical class - suitable for fit beginners, usually Vinyasa style)
Wed 7.55pm Yoga Stretch (gentle stretch & relax class – suitable for beginners)
Thu 7.35pm Yoga Strong (for intermediate Yoga practitioners)
Fri 10am Yoga Stretch (great way to end the week!)

Every 6 weeks or so, we have a Yin & Nidra session on a Weds eve, for a lovely stretch and super-relax. We guarantee you’ll be ready for bed by the time you finish & you should have the BEST night’s sleep!

You need a little Pilates or Yoga in your life - come and get some with JTAFit!

See our timetable here www.jtafit.co.uk/goteamup

New members can get a free class here www.jtafit.co.uk/free-trial/
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6 days ago


Especially the swearing.....

Get yourselves booked into one of our Yoga Classes or try our next Yin & Yoga Nidra session on Wed 28 Aug by following this link - goteamup.com/p/1168932-jtafit/e/19533818-yin-yoga-nidra/

Check out our full timetable here www.jtafit.co.uk/goteamup

For NEW members, you can book your FREE TRIAL by clicking www.jtafit.co.uk/free-trial/

#TeamJTAFit #LoveYoga #GetBookedIn #Relax
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7 days ago


Tickets are running low so make sure you get yours from Amanda Gifford!

#TeamJTAFit #OutOut #90sNight
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