JTAFit Class Cancellation Policy

Most of our classes have small class sizes with Waitlists, so class cancellations have a very significant impact on us – please make sure that you commit to your booking as you make it.

We do understand that life sometimes just happens, so we are as flexible as we can be – most other fitness providers do NOT offer any refund on cancellations. However, with JTAFit, you can cancel your class and have a FULL refund of your PAYG fee or 5/10 Block allowance if you cancel your class 12hrs or more before class start time. Even if you are within the 12hrs, we’d appreciate you still cancelling/getting in touch so that we can inform the next person on the Waitlist.

Ideally, we would be grateful if you could cancel your classes online via TeamUp, but if that is not possible, please call or text 07968 344681, or message us at the JTAFit Facebook page (@JTAFit) or email jtafit@gmail.com

This policy does NOT affect our courses.

Thank you for your co-operation.