JTAFit Pilates


A body conditioning Pilates class that helps to build strength and flexibility in the abs, legs, glutes and back in particular. It focuses on body alignment and breathing and will improve your core stability, balance and co-ordination when practised regularly. Mixed ability & fun – orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis catered for.

Pilates Fit

Our Thursday evening Pilates Fit class is for everyone who wants to improve their fitness, flexibility & strength in a non-impact way. Using all of the principles of classic mat Pilates, Pilates Fit also offers many modifications & diversifications, for a challenging body conditioning class. This class is suitable for Pilates beginners to intermediates, who are otherwise reasonably fit – expect to get sweaty!

Pilates Stretch

A gentle version of mat-based Pilates, focusing on flexibility, balance and strength. Suitable for all ages & abilities – being able to get down onto the floor with or without assistance is a must. The Tues class is aimed at anyone who hasn’t exercised in a while, or perhaps recovering from an injury/illness.

Pilates Strong

A Pilates mat-work class for those who want to challenge themselves! Prepare to work hard in this class as we use and adapt classic Pilates exercises, and have fun with Pilates rings, small dumbbells & elastics for extra resistance – not suitable for beginners.