Parent’s Fitness Bootcamp Courses

JTAFit run Parent’s Fitness Bootcamps at local schools. The Bootcamps bring parents together to get a bit fitter and raise money for the school’s PTA. The cost is £5 per attendee per session payable in blocks so a 5-week Bootcamp is £25 per attendee – we handle all bookings online so there’s no PTA administration, and JTAFit donates 20% of the fee to the PTA.
The outdoor Bootcamp sessions are 45 minutes of games, throwing things, running, bodyweight exercises, ropes, tyres and fun! It’s a real workout but a laugh at the same time and it’s a great ice breaker for new parents to the school.
Bootcamp can be run on a school field or playground shortly after the morning school drop off or about 45 minutes before school pick up in the afternoons – we will try to accommodate whatever works for your school.

If you are interested in bringing a Bootcamp to your school please contact Jayne Attwood on 07968 34468 or email

“I am really happy because each 5 week block we are raising around £70 for the school with no extra work for the PTA. There was a little upfront effort getting the minimum (10 parents) to sign up but now it roll over each term with a few additional parents joining in each time – JTAFit helped us with the poster and the FOBS team and I promoted it around the school. Our Head Teacher loves the Bootcamp as it’s a great thing to be happening in school on the healthy living angle and also something great to tell prospective parents about.”
Chair of FOBS (Friends of Bampton School), Bampton C E Primary School