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1 hour ago


JTAFit Pilates Questions!

What is Pilates and how is it different to Yoga?

Pilates and Yoga share some similarities, but they do have many differences. Both can be performed in a group class on a mat, but Pilates also has an extensive repertoire using various pieces of equipment, and specialized machines known as reformers. JTAFit teaches mat Pilates using equipment.

Yoga and Pilates both focus on building a strong mind-body-breath connection. However, Pilates concentrates on balancing strength and flexibility, refining movement, and improving posture for optimal health through a series of non-impact moving exercises rather than in poses, like in yoga.

I have a back problem – is Pilates safe for me to do?
The primary ideals of Pilates are improving posture, correcting imbalances, and enhancing functional movement. A lot of attention is also given to the spine and the core, making Pilates a highly effective tool against back pain and other orthopaedic conditions. All JTAFit Pilates instructors have an additional Orthopaedic Conditions qualification to help with injury recovery, once your health professional has given you clearance to start exercising. If your back issue is more serious, you may need to consider our Pilates for Back Care course (see below)

Do I have to be flexible to do Pilates?
No, definitely not! Flexibility is important for healthy movement, but it will come with regular practice. In the meantime, there are always modifications you can use to do the exercises. Through regular Pilates practice, you can learn and develop correct movement patterns for everyday activities, reducing your risk of injury.

What Pilates classes do JTAFit offer?
Pilates Stretch
This hour-long class is relatively gentle and with a focus on flexibility & balance. We start standing and then make our way down onto the floor, where we will work the whole core and have a stretch and mobilise legs, glutes & back, before a mindful relax to close the class. It is suitable for beginners, those returning to exercise after injury, seniors and anyone needing a stretch after a hard training session.

Pilates Strong
This class is for those who want a more physical Pilates class – we use equipment including dumbbells to really work on the strength element and get a sweat on, before having a stretch. This class is suitable for Pilates beginners who currently exercise to more skilled Pilates practitioners.

Our Weds evening class offers a real mix of styles & techniques, including traditional mat exercises, HIIT-Pilates, specific exercise focus and contemporary functional movement. You will ideally have some Pilates experience before coming to this class.

Pilates Fit
Like our Yoga Fit class, this class focuses on using contemporary & traditional Pilates movements to deliver all-round fitness, including cardio, strength and flexibility. Suitable for beginners – and please bring your sense of humour to this class as we like to have a giggle as we exercise on Thursday evenings!

We also offer Pilates Beginner’s courses twice per year (next one starts in Nov), where you will learn the basics of postural alignment and then learn the correct alignment for a range of the mat Pilates exercises. This course aims to give you the confidence to join a mainstream Pilates class!

We also have our 6 week specialist Pilates for Back Care course. This course is for those with non-specific back pain, or a diagnosed back issue once you have been cleared for exercise. We particularly focus on learning posture and how to actually engage our core muscles, before we start to gently try the Pilates exercises. Depending on how you get on, the specialist course can lead onto the Beginner’s course, or even onto a gentler mainstream class.

For NEW members, your first class is FREE www.jtafit.co.uk/free-trial

#TeamJTAFit #LovePilates #PilatesStrong #PilatesforBackCare
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1 day ago


Beat the rain with our high octane sweaty Spin classes.

Join us for some pumping tunes & burning legs!

MON 6.20pm - 6.50pm SPIN INTERVALS

TUES 6.05pm - 6.50pm SPIN CLASSIC

THURS 6.45pm - 7.30pm SPIN-SANITY

All classes are at Carterton Community Centre

Get booked in here - www.jtafit.co.uk/goteamup

For NEW members, you can book your FREE TRIAL by clicking www.jtafit.co.uk/free-trial/

#TeamJTAFit #LoveSpin #SweatFest #JoinUs #GoForIt #GetBookedIn #BeatTheRain
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4 days ago


Following on from #WorldMentalHealthDay
This is a cheeky reminder from JTAFit that it’s ok to not be ok and ask for help.

Let’s break the stigma of Mental Health Issues and lets talk about it.

Get out there #RunAndTalk or #WalkAndTalk

Or put the kettle on and have a chat ☕️

Most importantly you don’t know what people are dealing with - so let’s remember to always be kind!! 😍

Have a fabulous weekend - Happy Friday one and all!! 😃

#TeamJTAFit #MentalHealth #ItsOkToNotBeOk #Support #BeKind #FridayFunny #ItsTheWeekend
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5 days ago


Today is World Mental Health Day

JTAFit offers a whole host of activities and classes that will boost your self esteem, confidence and wellbeing. Meet new people, find support, and enjoy something new, while gaining the benefits that exercise has to offer to our minds and bodies.

Whether it’s hot, sweaty & fast, relaxed & stretchy, strength building, running or even a walk and a chat - we have something for you!

We currently have 6 x Mental Health First Aid trained Run Leaders and our Run Club meets every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday evening.

We have a wonderful ‘Walking for Fitness’ group which meets every Monday, Wednesday (longer walk) & Friday. It has two leaders and two regular walkers who are all Mental Health First Aid trained. Dogs on leads and children in buggies or on bikes are welcome too! It’s all FREE - Just turn up at Carterton Community Centre at 6.25pm.

Regular exercise has been proven to relieve stress, improve your memory, help you sleep and boost your overall mood – so what are you waiting for?

Check out our full timetable here - www.jtafit.co.uk/goteamup

For NEW members, you can book your FREE TRIAL by clicking www.jtafit.co.uk/free-trial/

*All classes apart from the Walking For Fitness must be booked in advance.

#TeamJTAFit #WorldMentalHealthDay #Friends #Support #ExerciseIsFun #RunandTalk #WalkandTalk #MentalHealth #ItsOktoNotbeOK #BeBodyKind #GoForIt
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6 days ago


Yoga Classes

If you've looked at our timetable, you'll see that we have several different types of yoga on offer, so if you've been wondering what they all mean - here's your guide!

Yoga Fit
A fitness-focused yoga class inspired by the energetic Hatha and vinyasa styles. The class is suitable for anyone who currently exercises. We generally focus on an area in each session and we work on improving strength, flexibility and mental focus; you WILL get sweaty! £6.25 PAYG.

Yoga Stretch
This class is slower and based around Hatha or occasionally a very gentle vinyasa. Suitable for all, we focus particularly on flexibility, so this is a great class for runners/cyclists/sports players who need some stretching, for seniors and for anyone who's perhaps had a hard session at the gym (or a hard time with their teenagers/boss etc etc....!). £6.25 PAYG

Yoga Strong
This hour long class on Thu eves is for those who have some Yoga before but are ready to push their boundaries a little. We usually do a strong Vinyasa to warm up, work on strength in particular and then focus on 2 or 3 intermediate poses - inversions, arm balances, leg balances, and we also work on transitions between poses. We are looking for some new adventurous Yogis to join us - you do NOT need to be able to do a handstand, Crow etc, but you do need to be willing to try & practice! £7.50 PAYG.

Yin & Yoga Nidra - aka Sleepy Yoga
This hour long class incorporates the slow & stretchy Yin Yoga, where we hold poses that stretch muscles, ligaments, tendons & joints (yes, joints) for around 3 minutes each. Yin can help clear energy pathways in the body and provides a fantastic mental focus. We then move into Yoga Nidra - a quiet, structured, very relaxing guided meditation. Anyone can do Yin & Nidra - and we guarantee you'll leave ready for a great night's sleep. Bring a blanket or pillow - next one is 16 Oct. £7.50 PAYG.

Book here www.jtafit.co.uk/booking

#TeamJTAFit #LoveYoga #GiveItATry
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6 days ago


Please do us a huge JTAFit favour and share share share......

Unfortunately due to illness our Back Care course will have to be postponed & Run Club cancelled for tonight?

Everything else is on!!

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and we hope everyone will be well and back to normal next week!!


Thank you

#TeamJTAFit #PleaseShare #GetWellSoon
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