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At various locations in your community in Carterton & Burford, JTAFit provides the latest scientifically-based fast fitness classes, delivering outstanding fitness results in 30-45 minutes classes.


Yes, you read correctly - 30 minutes! So if you think you're too busy to exercise effectively - THINK AGAIN!




JTAFit pride themselves on having welcoming, FUN classes for everyone; we will help you push yourself whatever your fitness standard. Provding encouraging tuition, our instructors will help you get the most out of your sessions. No co-ordination or rhythm is required and your first class is FREE. 


WARNING - seriously addictive!


JTAFit is BUGGY FRIENDLY, so that if you are a parent & struggling to get out for classes, you are welcome to bring your little ones, as long as they will sit reasonably out of the way for the duration. Some bring DVDs/DS/IPads etc and the babies tend to fall asleep! However, you are responsible for your child's safety. 


We have DAYTIME CLASSES STRAIGHT AFTER THE SCHOOL RUN every day, plus Sat mornings too.


JTAFit offers:


  • Metabolic Effect a 30 min intense rest-based cardio conditioning class that YOU control, using a mat and dumbbells - delivering fat burning for 24hrs AFTER you finish. Perfect for busy people who want to get in & get out! Our most popular class.


  • Pilates a low impact 45min class that works on strength, balance and flexibility in a focused, deliberate fashion. Excellent for helping to manage back problems. There are beginner & advanced classes, as well as general classes suitable for all abilities. We also offer Power 30 (non-impact Pilates-based exercises using equipment such small dummbells or gliders) - prepare to sweat!


  • Fitness Pilates is a 45 min class that uses the principles and many of the exercises of Pilates but with diversifications to provide a more physical body condiitioning class. Suitable for the apparently healthy adult and GREAT for runners, cyclists, swimmers & rugby players. 

  • Indoor Cycling (Spin) a high octane, cardio frenzy on the bike - we LOVE Spin! We use Keiser M3 bikes, which have gear read-out, plus RPM & Watts. We operate classic Spin classes, plus a 30 minute interval session and a Spin for Cyclists class. Please book - spaces are limited!

  • Pump It is a 45 minute conditioning class where we use barbells & heavier plates to move to music, to increase the density of your muscles and shape you up. We change programmes every 3 months so that you keep challenging yourself. You will be shown all of the movoements & skills you need to kepp yourself safe. This class has enduring popularity because it WORKS!

  • Run Club company for your running! There are daytime & evening groups at 3 levels, including 10 week Walk to Jog courses catering for the beginner who can barely jog for a few minutes, a Shorty group for the new/returning runner, or those returning to fitness, who can jog for about 20-25 mins, and there are groups for the more competent runners looking to improve speed, distance and power.


  • Kick/Boxercise a boxing based cardio-heavy class, working on your punching & kicking skills and cardio fitness to leave feeling you worked out and refreshed! Beginners through to expert catered for.

  • High Intensity Interval Training HIIT an intense, body-sculpting class where you work & rest for prescribed intervals. This class is designed to be higher impact BUT can be adapted to suit your own level.


  • Core HIIT a cardio-conditioning class focusing on core work and good exercise technique. Less cardio than some classes but expect to know you've done this class the next day! One of our most popular classes.


  • Kettlebells This group exercise class that mixes bodyweight & heavy ketttlebell exercises with intense intervals. Kettlebells are an awesome, fun way to 'swing' yourself toned, super-quick!

  • Yoga Hatha yoga based, our Yoga classes incorporate a mixture of styles including flows, static asanas, Yin and Nidra. The classes are mixed ability & gender, there are no egos and you do NOT need to be flexible to try Yoga. Strength & flexibility work will be done - expect to get warm and then stretched!

Learn more about our classes here

Metabolic Effect, Carterton-Style!


Whether you're returning to exercise, struggling with your weight, or a super-fit gym addict, our classes will help you achieve your fitness and body-shape goals.


You do NOT need to be fit              There is NO choreography to learn                   Claim your FREE first class HERE


FIT AS FUNK DANCE COURSE! Fit as Funk is a street/latin/disco based dance course (NOT aerobics), launching in Sept, Tues evenings at St John's School, Shilton Park. Next course is late October.


BOOKING - we use teamup as our booking & payment system. It is very simple to use - please see our Timetable & Booking page. If current members have any specific questions about transferring payments over, please email at jtafit@gmail.com


FREE Social Cycle Club - a recreational cycling group with some great training tips - getting outdoors on a Thu night. Dig out your bike & your helmet and book in via teamup. Once the nights draw in,we will introduce a weekend ride once a month instead.


Events & Courses have a look at the Events page to find out what races we're entering, plus our beginner's Pilates & Walk to Jog course dates.


Indoor Cycling!!! We deliver the only Spin classes in Carterton, using the awesome Keiser M3 bikes. We're on every weekday evening plus Tue  mornings!


Sports Massage - Sore muscles? Niggling injury? We offer Sports Massage with our Level 4 qualified Sports Massage Therapist. £30 for non-members, £25 for JTAFit members. See our timetable for availability.


NEW! Our Yoga classes are all relatively full, so iwe have added another class that will incorporate some Yoga Nidra (Yoga sleep). You will leave feeling ultra relaxed & ready for a good night's sleep! Our smaller Thu evening classes will be moving more to the physical/intermediate level too.


Run Club is up & running 4 times per week, with classes to suit most abilities. Our next Walk to Jog (beginner's) course is due to start in Sept 2017 - contact us for details now!

It's so much nicer to run with other people, so why not meet new friends and learn a basic human function - what have you got to lose? 


NEW Breakfast - should you or shouldn't you? New blog here.

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