Sports massage therapy


Sports massages will be delivered by a qualified Sports Massage Therapist (SMT) and is used to:


  • Help prevent injuries


  • Prepare the body for sporting activities


  • Help your body to recover from workouts and injuries.


Sports massage works deep in the muscles to realign muscle fibres, connective tissue and flushing away toxins that can sit in the muscles.




A sports massage can help physically with long term injuries and your therapist can give you specific advice on exercises & stretches to aid your recovery.






Your sports massage will be approximately an hour and will start with discussing & recording your injury/reason for attending and some diagnostic tests on the affected area.


You may be required to remove some of your outer items of clothing, but you will always remain covered, ususally using towels.


Once a treatment plan has been discusssed with you, your therapist will warm the muscles in the affected area using hands-on techniques, applying hypo-allergenic massage oil. There may be times you could find the treatment uncomfortable, and occasionally some clients may bruise. Please ensure you tell your therapist if you find the treatment too uncomfrtable, or if you bruise easily.


After your massage, your will be given a treatment plan for you to carry out at home, including stretches and/or strength-building exercises. Your recovery rate may be affected by negelecting these exercises.


While you should notive improvement after your first treatment, most injuries require multiple treatments, especially if your injury is longer-term. 




JTAFit & Sunday RIOT Members £25


Non-Members £30


Please see our timetable to book, or contact Amanda on 07920 763272


FIT AS FUNK DANCE COURSE! Fit as Funk is a street/latin/disco based dance course (NOT aerobics), launching in Sept, Tues evenings at St John's School, Shilton Park. Next course is late October.


BOOKING - we use teamup as our booking & payment system. It is very simple to use - please see our Timetable & Booking page. If current members have any specific questions about transferring payments over, please email at


FREE Social Cycle Club - a recreational cycling group with some great training tips - getting outdoors on a Thu night. Dig out your bike & your helmet and book in via teamup. Once the nights draw in,we will introduce a weekend ride once a month instead.


Events & Courses have a look at the Events page to find out what races we're entering, plus our beginner's Pilates & Walk to Jog course dates.


Indoor Cycling!!! We deliver the only Spin classes in Carterton, using the awesome Keiser M3 bikes. We're on every weekday evening plus Tue  mornings!


Sports Massage - Sore muscles? Niggling injury? We offer Sports Massage with our Level 4 qualified Sports Massage Therapist. £30 for non-members, £25 for JTAFit members. See our timetable for availability.


NEW! Our Yoga classes are all relatively full, so iwe have added another class that will incorporate some Yoga Nidra (Yoga sleep). You will leave feeling ultra relaxed & ready for a good night's sleep! Our smaller Thu evening classes will be moving more to the physical/intermediate level too.


Run Club is up & running 4 times per week, with classes to suit most abilities. Our next Walk to Jog (beginner's) course is due to start in Sept 2017 - contact us for details now!

It's so much nicer to run with other people, so why not meet new friends and learn a basic human function - what have you got to lose? 


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