Metabolic Effect

JTAFit has the only 2 instructors in Oxfordshire & Wiltshire to deliver Metabolic Effect REST-BASED Training. ME is a unique 30 minute training system that utilises the latest scientific research to deliver fast fat-burning and increase the density of your muscles.




YOU are in control of your rest, therefore suitable for ALL levels of fitness.

You can adapt any moves to suit your body - it can be non-impact.

NO choreography - dumbbells only.

Big hybrid moves such as squats & press ups that utilise multiple muscle groups.

Fat burning for 24-48hrs AFTER you finish training. Even while you sleep.

Fantastic cross-training for any type of athlete - JTAFit currently trains rugby players, cyclists and runners, in addition to non-athlete 'want to get fit & lose a bit of weight' clients.




ME stimulates your body to release insulin, cortisol, human growth hormone and testosterone, which when combined, transform your body into the best fat-burning furnace it can be for 24+hrs. Fat loss is not just about calories. You can try ME indoors or outdoors - the outdoor session is very similar to the indoor but with more moving around - try ME for FREE!


Pilates Matwork

Pilates is a body conditioning class that helps to build strength and flexibility in the abs, legs, glutes and back in particular. It focuses on body alignment and breathing and will improve your core stability, balance and co-ordination when practised regularly.


There are 34 classic Pilates matwork exercises from beginner to advanced, and many of these have been adapted to be more functional exercises, working your spine and muscles through all 3 planes of movement. All of JTAFit's Pilates classes are pitched at multi-level, with a beginner/intermediate class on Weds eve, although don't feel you have to start in this class. Fri morning is a Power Pilates class using small hand weights and other equipment to make you sweat!  We incorporate the classic moves plus additional functional moves, including some standing Pilates. You will leave feeling worked, but stretched and relaxed.


Fitness Pilates is a modern, research based group fitness class created for the apparently healthy adult; it is not designed for rehabilitation. Using all of the principles of Pilates and including many of the classic matwork exercises, Fitness Pilates also offers many modifications, diversifications & updated exercises to provide a controlled body conditioning class. In short, it is more physical and not limited to the 34 mat exercises in traditional Pilates. 


We offer specific Beginner's Courses on a Weds evenings, but all abilities can be catered for - let us know of any particular injuries/conditions when you come for your FREE taster session.



This video was our Jan/Feb Pilates Challenge - it's a toughie! And don't worry of you're looking at it thinking "I'll never be able to do that!" - there are LOTS of options & variations available to make all of our challenges manageable.


Yoga is an outstanding class for everyone, but especially if you train hard in other areas of fitness. It delivers both strength & flexibility which will read across into all aspects of your life.


You DO NOT need to be flexible to do Yoga - it is about the journey.


We have gents & ladies in our classes, and no egos. Everyone just does what they can do. Our instructor is Hatha yoga trained and we usually practice strength, flexibility, standing, balancing, seated, lying, twisting, calming and upside down poses. We also enjoy Yin-style and Vinyasa flow yoga. And if you don't know what these are, you need to come & try them!



Some harder & easier inversions from our class members here. Legs Up the Wall (right picture) is LUSH


JTAFit has an active Run Club, which is especially busy over the summer months. We are Run England accredited Run Leaders and we offer 3 levels of supportive group. The beginners 10-week Walk to Jog courses run in Jan, Apr & Sep and really are designed for the absolute beginner - these are on a Sat morning, but we also run a mid-week evening courses occasionally (please contact us to find out). We cover breathing, clothing, the bio-mechanics, common injuries and loosely follow the NHS Couch to 5k programme. The advantage to doing in a club is the friendly support - we set up Facebook support groups so that you can get to out again during the week with people of the same ability as you.


The Run Club Shorty classes are for those perhaps quite new to running, or returning to fitness. We meet on Tues morning & Mon/Thu eves, plus Sat mornings. The group size is a max of 12, so booking is essential and we do mixed distances at a variety of paces (around the 3-7km mark), speed & hill-work to build on the skills covered in the Walk to Jog Beginner's Course. We pride ourselves on providing very supportive groups. You need to be able to cover 4km fairly comfortably, even if you think you're slow!


The regular group is for more confident runners who are looking to improve their times or are training for a middle/longer distance event. We meet on a Mon & wed evening, plus a Sat morning. We really are used to dealing with different abilities in these groups, but you should be confident that you can cover 4+km comfortably.


On a Sunday monrning, JTAFit teams up with another local run group called Running Is Our Therapy (RIOT). They do a set 'out & back' route (max of about 8km), off-road, water & mud involved. All abilities, walkers, parents, children & dogs are welcome, fantastic, welcoming people. And you don't have to do the press ups in Shilton ford.... 9.30am at the Kilkenny Country Park car park.


Our JTAFit Facebook page publishes the training plan for each coming week every Sunday morning.




Boxercise is a non-contact boxing based circuit class that is safe, effective and fun for all ages and abilities, and JTAFit has the only Boxercise licensed & registered instructors in Carterton. There are some basic punching skills to learn, and the class is more cardio-based, with lots of alternatives to the exercises. Both of our classes are 30 minutes of all-out high intensity class (technique will be taught!).  Boxercise training is great if you've had a stressful day, keeps your energy & concentration focused and really is a fabulous way to get fit! It is proving to be a very popular choice at JTAFit - come & try it for FREE. You will genuinely have fun!



Brand new to Carterton - Spin Indoor Cycling! We are using the Keiser M3 bikes that have magnetic gears so that you can select any one of 24 individual gears, just like a road bike, allowing you to control your work level. With 3 types of class, stsrting with regular Spin where you cycle to the pumping music (note: we like a broad range of music, so it won't just be all the latest drum & bass....). We also offer ME Spin - a 30 minute nasty where you drive your legs unti you need to rest -awesome for your VO2 Max! Lastly, on a Thu eve, we will be offering Spin for Cyclists with Becky, an experienced road racer who will work you on a training programme similar to that you'd be doing if you were a road cyclist too!


We have a FREE outdoor cycling group too - see our timetable for details


30 minute classes, fast & furious, swinging & lifting Kettlebells! Fantastic strength & cardio training using single or double Kettlebells. Once you've tried it, you'll never want to do aerobics again!



Saturday morning Killer Kettlebells!

High Intensity Interval Training

This intense cardio-based class is fantastic training to sculpt your body super-fast!  Fast & furious, most classes incorporate some higher impact work, strength & sprints for short work intervals with prescribed rest, but the class is over in no time! Our Weds eve Core HIIT is one of our most popular classes; this is a high tempo, higher impact bodyweight & equipment based Core-focused blast!



Come & try it!


Do you have questions about our fitness classes?

Call on 07968 344681 or email us


FIT AS FUNK DANCE COURSE! Fit as Funk is a street/latin/disco based dance course (NOT aerobics), launching in Sept, Tues evenings at St John's School, Shilton Park. Next course is late October.


BOOKING - we use teamup as our booking & payment system. It is very simple to use - please see our Timetable & Booking page. If current members have any specific questions about transferring payments over, please email at


FREE Social Cycle Club - a recreational cycling group with some great training tips - getting outdoors on a Thu night. Dig out your bike & your helmet and book in via teamup. Once the nights draw in,we will introduce a weekend ride once a month instead.


Events & Courses have a look at the Events page to find out what races we're entering, plus our beginner's Pilates & Walk to Jog course dates.


Indoor Cycling!!! We deliver the only Spin classes in Carterton, using the awesome Keiser M3 bikes. We're on every weekday evening plus Tue  mornings!


Sports Massage - Sore muscles? Niggling injury? We offer Sports Massage with our Level 4 qualified Sports Massage Therapist. £30 for non-members, £25 for JTAFit members. See our timetable for availability.


NEW! Our Yoga classes are all relatively full, so iwe have added another class that will incorporate some Yoga Nidra (Yoga sleep). You will leave feeling ultra relaxed & ready for a good night's sleep! Our smaller Thu evening classes will be moving more to the physical/intermediate level too.


Run Club is up & running 4 times per week, with classes to suit most abilities. Our next Walk to Jog (beginner's) course is due to start in Sept 2017 - contact us for details now!

It's so much nicer to run with other people, so why not meet new friends and learn a basic human function - what have you got to lose? 


NEW Breakfast - should you or shouldn't you? New blog here.

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